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Agile Bullshit Improversation

Agile Bullshit Improversation is an improvised conversation based on the Agile Bullshit cards. It is like impro theater, where you act without a script and use to situation of the moment to play. In this case your start from the Agile Bullshit cards to start a conversation. Obviously, don't do this too seriously...

You can do this with 2 people, or up to, let's say 8 people maximum (because you want to keep the conversation going).


How does this go? The first person start by taking a random agile bullshit card from the stack. The statement on the card is the starting point for the conversation. Don't simply read the statement, but create a situation. Like if you pull this card, you don't simply read "We don't bother about sprint goals":

Create a situation, like "I think we should stop bothering about sprint goals". And then the next person should respond to that. This can be something like:

  • I fully agree, because"

  • "Great idea, why don't we"

  • "No not at all, I think we should"

Or however they want to respond to the conversation.


And then that person either:

  • completes the sentence rightaway

  • picks a card for inspiration

  • or points to the next person to complete the sentence

So the conversation goes in rounds, and players pick new card whenever they want to bring a new twist to the conversation.


The conversation ends when all players are out of inspiration, or all the cards are used.

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